Tuesday, April 13, 2010

-=[ Revision 19 - 4/13/2010]=-
- FIX issue 36 WHO tab overlap
- FIX issue 35 TICKET - Online list not working
- FIX issue with Nil object error in tele scrolling on startup
- FIX Ticket scrolling issue reported by Kitharo
- ADD MISC tab, checkbox for Chat Output. When off (default), TrinityAdmin does not display output of most
  commands in chat window (for example, .server info) but does display the results in the appropriate part
  of TrinityAdmin. When ON, both TrinityAdmin native AND chatwindow outputs are displayed.
- ADD MISC tab, an editbox to specify how often the Diff graph (on Server tab) is updated. 4000 (~1 minute) is default.
- It is reported that r19 with Chat Output ON allows all the chat window clickable links to work properly. Please verify.
- It is also reported that deDe clients with deDe selected in TrintiyAdmin and deDe selected in Core is now working properly.

svn: http://trinityadmin.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/
download: http://trinityadmin.googlecode.com/files/TrinityAdmin332_r19.rar
issues: http://code.google.com/p/trinityadmin/issues/list

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Rev18 released

-=[ Revision 18 - 4/7/2010]=-
Note: This version is compatible with TC2 revision 7757+
- FIX: WHO tab functioning with new entries in Trinity_String (MANY thanks to TC Devs for the changes!!!)
- ADD: Map-Zone to WHO tab. Note: this is NOT realtime since it pulls from the database after save
- Fix: PairsbyKeys startup error
- Fix: Tickets Online functions
- MOD: Removed IP address from the list on Who tab. IP is still in details.
- MOD: In Item search frame, click= add item to target inventory, right-click= list item. Changed this to: click=add, r-click=remove. Multiple amounts work for removing too, can enter either a positive or negative munber to be removed.
- FIX: Server info no longer spamming chat window

Note: ta.sql no longer required for TC2 7757+

svn: http://trinityadmin.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/
download: http://trinityadmin.googlecode.com/files/TrinityAdmin332_rev18.rar
issues: http://code.google.com/p/trinityadmin/issues/list

Friday, February 26, 2010

Committed to svn:

-=[ Revision 16 - 2/26/2010 ]=-
- UPDATE: svSV locale updated
- UPDATE: Close Mail popup when send button clicked - Thanks, Shocker!
- ADD: Ticket tab, new button to view tickets of online players only (.ticket onlinelist) Thanks, Shocker!
- UPDATE: Change minimapicon when a new ticket is received. Now more obvious and with a 'T'. Thanks, Kitharo! Issue #25 closed
- UPDATE: Moved Tele Add and Tele Del buttons to GM tab, rather than Char2 tab.
- ADD: On WHO tab: .char customize, .char delete, .char rename, .ban (1 day), .ban (perm), Jail (Alliance), Jail(Horde), UnJail

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

TrinityAdmin v3.3.2 r14 released

I am proud to release the newest version of TrinityAdmin!

TrinityAdmin is a popular client-addon which greatly simplifies the tasks of a GM.

-=[ TrinityAdmin 3.3.2 Revision 14 ]=-
This is a major release, incorporating many, many fixes along with
some major new features (Tickets, Who). This release would NOT have
happened without the generous and patient assistance of Kitharo (from
Land of Legends). All of us owe Kitharo a great debt for testing TrinityAdmin
on one of the world's largest servers and providing detailed feedback
so that I could make Tickets work again. Thank you, my friend!

Major changes:
*The TICKETS system is now functioning. Note that you MUST apply the included SQL to your world Db in order for
TICKETS to function.
*The WHO tab is functional. Instantly see who is on your server, see their account and character info, whisper/goname/namego/mail/kick with just two clicks! Requires application of included SQL on world db
in order to function.
*The TELE tab has been overhauled, rearranged, and added to. Northrend is now included. Many thanks to Gimp and Pryd for their work on this!

Minor Changes/Adds:
- Modified sizes of tabs
- Added PvP tab
- Added Event tab
- Added RPG tab
- Added Vendor tab
- Added AhBot tab
- Added Who tab
- Mail error fixed. Note you still cannot send big messages.. 200 apprx charatcers is the server limit
- Update frequency of the Udate Diff graph changed to approx 1 minute
- Server info auto refreshes every 1 minute
- Added complete WHO system on WHO tab: see who is online, click for detailed info
- Integrated MUCh more complete teleport table from old MangAdmin (thanks, Gimp and Pryd!!!)
- Added support for Bulgarian language (buBU)
- Updated localisation for enUS, frFR, svSV
- Removed support for fiFI, liLI, zhCN, nlNL languages until translators can be found
- Added 'GM Chat' command to GM tab
- Added Waterwalk command to GM tab
- Added acccount lock/unlock command to GM tab
- Added .gm ingame, .gm list, and .pet create
- Added .pet learn, .pet unlearn, .pet tp
- Added .lookup taxinode, .go taxinode
- Added .go trigger
- Added .cast, .cast back, .cast dist, .cast self, .cast target
- added .list item
- Added .account create, .account delete, .account set addon, .account set gmlevel, .account set password
- added .gmnotify

This new version of TrinityAdmin contains many significant changes over previous versions.
As such, the proper installation of TrinityAdmin is no longer as simple as it once was.
Please follow the steps below to ensure you can enjoy the full benefits of TrinityAdmin

TrinityAdmin 3.3.2 r14 supports client version 3.3.2 (3.0.3, 3.1.3, and 3.2.2a may also work, BUT ARE UNSUPPORTED).
It does not work with 1.x or 2.x clients.

TrinityAdmin 3.3.2 r14 supports Trinity Core servers ONLY. It will not work with MaNGOS, Arc, Ascent, Hearthstone, or any other emu. TrinityCores supporting 3.3.2 are highly recommended.

TrinityAdmin 3.3.2 r14 supports localisation for: enUS, svSV, and frFR. Other languages are in process of translation and will be added to svn.

1. You should have unpacked the install archive into your Addons folder (i.e the
TrinityAdmin folder is in the Addons folder).
2. ON THE SERVER -> You MUST run the SQL queries in the included ta.sql file on the server's 'world' database.
If you do not, the Ticket tab and the Who tab will NOT work.
3. ON THE SERVER -> You may wish to review the security level requirements for certain GM commands. For example, the
.account onlinelist by default needs a level 4. If your GMs dont have level 4, they wont be able to use the WHO tab.
4. Once the SQLs have been installed and the server reloaded (or .reload trinity_string), log
into the game.
5. Click the TA icon on the minimap frame. Do NOT open TrinityAdmin any other way just yet.
6. Click the Tickets tab. If you receive and error, DO NOT close it, just click the Tickets tab again.
7. Click the Change Language button to reload the addon.
8. Click the TA icon on the minimap frame. Do NOT open TrinityAdmin any other way just yet.
9. Click the Who tab. If you receive and error, DO NOT close it, just click the Who tab again.
10. Click the Change Language button to reload the addon.
(these steps are required on some locales in order to properly create the new local tables that the addon uses
to store tickets and 'who' information'
11. The addon is now properly installed. Subsequent installs, or installs on another client machine will require steps
4-9 to be performed for each separate install.

__________________________________________________ _____________________________________
Get it. Now.

- svn:
- Downloads:http://code.google.com/p/trinityadmin/downloads/list

NOTE: When subsequent releases occur, the ta.sql file must be reapplied!

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